Our Mission

The Gift of Parenthood

Look around you. Chances are someone sitting across from you, beside you, or even you may have experience with infertility. Infertility in some capacity has impacted so many of us around the world, yet its prevalence isn’t widely discussed. We are Imagine Family, a non-profit organization that provides a place of community for those experiencing trouble conceiving or sustaining a pregnancy.  Our team is dedicated to providing the best opportunity to spread the word about infertility, find resources and support for our cause, and always be giving back.

Our organization seeks to be a beacon for those struggling with infertility by providing comfort, hope and financial resources to cover the cost of many common fertility treatments. We strive for a 100% model — all of your donations go back to the I.F. community through financial scholarships and educational resources. 

Simply put, we are here to help make parenthood a reality.