Imagine Family and LifeSpring’s Shop Mission

Create Infertility Awareness

1. Infertility is common. It impacts 12.5% of the American population.
2. Infertility coverage is uncommon. 70% of IVF patients in 2018 did not have IVF treatment coverage.

Infertility impacts 1 in 8 or twelve and a half percent of couples in our country. To put that into perspective, the next time you take a flight, you will be flying with 23 people who have struggled or will struggle with infertility. Or, the next time you watch the Super Bowl there will be over 12 Million fans rooting on their team who are currently suffering from infertility. And, the next time you watch the finale of your favorite reality show over 1 million viewers will be tuned in with you.

The very topic of infertility makes people squirmy, so many people suffer in silence. Since we are not open as a culture to talk about infertility, it is hard to find solutions to address issues around accessibility and affordability of treatment. Many of the procedures to treat infertility are expensive and not covered by traditional healthcare benefits. We believe that by creating awareness and forums to discuss these issues, we can address them as a community. Since this is a topic not everyone is comfortable discussing, we want to give people a way to show support without ever having to speak a word. Visit our shop and the next time you are on a flight, attending a super bowl party, buying groceries, or simply focusing on work, you can support someone silently enduring infertility without ever saying a word.

“How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world”

Anne Frank