Step 1 : Check Grant Qualifications

Review Imagine Family’s Grant process and selection process to fully understand how your application answers will be reviewed and the criteria that will be used to select the grantee. For any questions about the grant process, please email us at

Step 2: Prepare Personal Statements

You and your spouse will need to prepare personal statement to explain your desire to have a biological child of your own. These statements should offer the grant board an understanding of your infertility journey and why you have chosen to pursue fertility treatments.

Step 3: Complete Online Grant Application

Online grant applications must be completed in full on or before the application deadline. Incomplete or late applications will not qualify for grant review, and refunds are not available for incomplete applications submitted.

Step 4: Provide Payment

Once you have completed your application and your payment has been processed, you will receive email updates as the grant process proceeds. This email will only be used for grant updates. If you would like to join our infertility updates please sign up for our news letter on our homepage.



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Imagine Family Grant Cycle Details

Imagine Family Grants could be the missing piece couples are looking for to pursue fertility treatment.

$10,000 grants are awarded to couples based on need.

Incomes are evaluated against the extent of treatment required.

Use your Imagine Family Grant with the board certified provider of your choosing.

Imagine Family is an independent nonprofit and is not affiliated with any facilities.

Grant applicants receive special consideration for consecutive application after the initial grant period.


Imagine Family Grant Policies

IF Grant Overview

1. The Imagine Family Grant is a need-based program that provides financial support for non-elective infertility procedures otherwise not covered by the applicants medical insurance.
2. Grants are not typically run concurrently, but the grant award may change from application period to application period.
3. The grant is paid directly to a medical practice of your choice and agreed upon by Imagine Family for procedures already rendered or to be rendered. Any unused monies will be directly returned to Imagine Family and the recipient’s balance.
4. The chosen applicant will have 24 months to use the grant for their treatments as procedures are preformed. Any unused funds will be returned to the Imagine Family Grant Fund.
5. Grant funds are only paid up until the recipient gives birth to their own biological child, or the grant award is exhausted. Grant award is not available for uncovered cost of delivery or procedures not related to infertility.
6. All recipient/finalist procedures are subject to a final medical review and determination on whether the grant funds are appropriate for the recipient. Imagine Family may make changes in policies, procedures, offerings, and requirements at any time.
7. Imagine Family anticipates the grant application periods to run 3 months, but can be extended or shortened based on participation. Grants are capped at 400 applicants per face value of the grant and those that do not meet the deadline or are not selected may apply to future grants. Special consideration is given to those couples that apply to consecutive grant application process.
8. Grants will be reviewed and additional information will be requested of finalists. Typically the Imagine Family Grant is awarded within 60 days after the application deadline.
9. Applications are evaluated on a point scale based on the information provided in combination with the applicants’ personal statement. All information will be verified and any applicant that breaches the applications warranty statement will forfeit their grant award.

IF Grant Eligibility Requirements

1. Residents of the United States who file income tax returns
2. You must meet the American Society for Reproductive Medicine definition of medical infertility. There must be documented medical need for the infertility procedures. (i.e. blocked tubes, unexplained infertility, endometriosis, POF, male factor, female factor etc.).
3. Imagine Family requires the finalists to provide a Medical Evaluation Form completed by treating physician, personal financial statement, Release of Medical Records Form, and a background check release.
4. There must be financial need. Imagine Family will require finalists to provide financial documentation including spouse applicants. If you are not married, both individuals must file an application with Imagine Family. A committee determines financial need. Generally a household income of $100,000 or below is considered in need but other circumstances are also considered (Geographic areas where cost of living is high for example are given extra consideration and often approved).
5. The applicants do not have insurance coverage for requested infertility treatments. Diagnostics and low-tech forms of infertility treatment are still eligible.
6. Medical coverage is required.
7. Signed media release giving Imagine Family permission to use your story. Your full identity will be protected. Images, and details of your infertility journey for media release is required to apply for the grant.
8. Grant awardee must provide a current copy of both sides of applicant’s insurance card and that of spouse (if applicable).
9. Applications must be completed and received electronically by 11:59 PM of the application deadline. Subject to item 7 in the Imagine Family Grant Section.

IF Grant Selection Criteria

1. Selection is based on the compelling nature of an applicant’s circumstances, their fertility history, financial situation and a number of other determining factors. As with any scholarship, not all who apply and meet the criteria will become finalists/recipients.
2. While consideration will be given to those who already have one child, preference will be given to those with no children.
3. Infertility due to voluntary medical procedures such as a vasectomy or tubal ligation do not generally fall under the definition of infertility. There may be extenuating circumstances contributing to a situation, which are evaluated by the Grant Committee on a case-by-case basis. Exceptions, however, are EXTREMELY RARE.
4. Length of infertility and length of available opportunity to conceive are heavily considered during the evaluation process.

Ready To Apply?

If you have reviewed the grant requirements on this page and you are ready to apply, click apply and start the process. If you and your spouse have complete personal statements the process should only take twenty minutes. If you need to stop and come back to the application, you can save your answers and return prior to the deadline or the max applicant number has been met.

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