Infertility News from Around the Web

Understanding Fertility

In the process of trying to get pregnant, many couples today will face obstacles leading to parenthood. Before exploring treatment options, it is important to first understand personal fertility and factors that may impact the ability to conceive. It is common for women to believe their age will slightly impact infertility, however few consider or know that a woman’s egg supply rapidly starts to decline in late 20s.


Show Me The Money

Did you know the national median cost of in vitro fertilization is $14,000? According to a recent analysis from NerdWallet, IVF, a type of assisted reproductive technology for treatment of infertility, found that while this national median is aligned across many facilities, there are plenty of IVF providers who are well above or below the national average. Insurance policies may cover some but not all infertility treatments, and it is important to know the cost of each single procedure. If you are in the process of pursuing infertility treatments, find out more about the Imagine Family grants that can cover the cost of these treatments.


Crowdfunding for Baby

Recently, a couple out of North Carolina utilized a crowdfunding resource in the pursuit of growing their family. After struggling to conceive and experiencing infertility, one couple turned to GoFundMe for an opportunity to raise money for adoption. They were able to raise more than $10,000 through family and friends in order to cover adoption expenses.

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