IVF Continuing to Be Top Option

Recently, a report from the Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology indicates nearly 63,300 babies were born as a result of in vitro fertilization in 2013 alone. It is reported that this birth statistic comes from over 174,962 attempts at assisted reproduction treatments within the year, making 36% of those attempts successfully result in a birth. With the growing knowledge and opportunity for infertility treatments, it is no surprise that these numbers are up from statistics in 2012.

Additionally, the report takes a closer look at the breakdown of women’s ages to success rate of those who pursued fertility options in 2013. While the percentages of success declined with age, it is astounding to see in all age groups over 31 percent resulted in a baby with previously frozen eggs.

To read more about this article and the statistics around assisted fertility treatments, visit http://bit.ly/1C08Th8.

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