End The Financial Pain of Infertility

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Did you know that more than five million people of childbearing ages experience some level of infertility? That is one in eight of our friends, family, and co-workers who will seek medical assistance to become parents. That is one in eight that will be faced with the financial decision of whether they can even afford the costly treatments to hold their own child.


amily comes in all shapes and sizes. But for the couples struggling with infertility, the desire for a family can be painfully outweighed by the overwhelming cost of treatment. Many couples that face an infertility diagnosis often have to choose between fertility treatments to conceive, starting the adoption process, or no longer pursuing having a child, simply because of the cost. The $25,000 for treatment costs without the promise of a child, when all is said and done, is too much for many couples. Imagine Family was founded so that couples might not have to give up their dream to create their own family.

Imagine Family’s mission is to provide couples with the opportunity to pursue their dream of having their own biological child. The financial aid Imagine Family hopes to provide is to cover the costs that common health insurance will not. To put it in perspective, most couples don’t even know if fertility will be an issue until they are actively seeking to become parents. By this time, it is simply too late to prepare financially for the out-of-pocket expense to become pregnant.

You can give the gift of hope and family today. Partner with Imagine Family by donating. Your donations will go to help bring the hope, healing and joy that comes with providing a couple with their own child. Donate today and support your friends, family, neighbors, and others who have been impacted by infertility.