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Our Mission

A journey starts with one step. Our story is bringing individuals together and providing financial resources to grow a family. If you are starting your journey to parenthood, learn more today about how we can support you.

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Hope In Community

As you journey towards creating your family, we would like to walk beside you and offer our support. Join our community today and share in the encouragement and acceptance from the stories of Imagine Family's grant recipients.

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The Gift of Family

Many couples are experiencing obstacles trying to become pregnant. Your support will lessen the burden of fertility treatment costs. Find out how you can help give the gift of life.

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Imagine Family Grant

Every day 16,000 couples are told they will need medical treatment to become pregnant. If you are one of these couples, Imagine Family would like to provide you hope. We provide $10,000 grants to couples for common fertility treatments.

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Who Are We?

Imagine Family provides hope and comfort to those experiencing trouble conceiving or sustaining a pregnancy through financial scholarships and educational resources.


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End The Financial Pain of Infertility

Did you know that more than five million people of childbearing ages experience some level of infertility? That is one in eight of our friends, family, and co-workers who will seek medical assistance to become parents. That is one in eight that will be faced with the financial decision of whether they...
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Imagine Family Grants

Our grant was established to provide a financial resource for infertility procedures otherwise not covered by standard medical insurance. We are passionate about creating community and dedicated to supporting couples experiencing infertility.

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